Second ‘San Andreas’ Trailer Teases The Death Of California


This summer, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will finally step into the disaster movie role we have all been waiting for him to take when San Andreas rolls into theaters. The film, which follows one man’s attempt to save lives while California is brought to its knees by a series of devastating earthquakes, has a new trailer that is so overloaded with CGI chaos you won’t believe your eyes. That said, it’s still pretty awesome.

I don’t really know what else to say at this point. We could talk about the technical accomplishments of bringing the destruction of an entire state to life, or how The Rock has stumbled into the one area of the action movie genre he has yet to conquer, but we’d still be talking about a film that is essentially 2012 minus the prophecies (and John Cusack). There is not much in the footage below we haven’t seen before in half a dozen other titles, but that doesn’t mean audiences won’t love San Andreas. It looks fun enough, and as long as The Rock does whatever it is audiences love about him then I am sure some profit will be made. You can view the new trailer below:

San Andreas arrives in theaters May 29.

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