Warpaint Share New Single “I’ll Start Believing”

Warpaint I'll Start Believing No Way Out

Los Angeles dream rockers Warpaint shared a new single a few months ago called “No Way Out.” Today, we find out it’s part of a 7″ split with another new single titled “I’ll Start Believing.” Both are available to purchase now on iTunes, but you can stream them via Spotify below.

As promised, “No Way Out” was just the first “in a series of new songs being released this year.” The new digital single brings back the group’s layered vocals and eerie harmonies for a terse, dramatic track. They nod to new wave once again, but this time it’s much tougher to chew on. If we’re lucky, El-P will do another remix of this track, too.

Give it a listen, as well as both versions of “No Way Out,” below:

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