Sounds Of The (Down) Underground: Ecca Vandal

ecca vandal

Artist: Ecca Vandal
Genre: Ecca Vandal
Latest release: “White Flag” / “Battle Royal”
For fans of: Genre-hopping, futuristic jams with a punk rock spirit.

It has been said that music is the last true voice of the human spirit, a transcendent communication tool that can go beyond divisions of race, gender, socioeconomic status or religious belief, straight to the core of the human experience. Wielded correctly it has the power to manipulate emotions, cause involuntary dance movements and inspire widespread social change. The music of Melbourne’s Ecca Vandal has the power to do all of this at once.

South African-born to parents of Sri Lankan heritage, Ecca Vandal’s music blends a fierce punk rock spirit with elements of hip-hop, trip-hop, electro, r&b, world music and soul to create a musical Molotov cocktail that she throws with the most revolutionary of intentions.

Unapologetically political, her two officially released singles “White Flag” and “Battle Royal” are two of the most invigorating and innovative tracks unleashed on the world in years, simultaneously calling to mind the works of artists as disparate as Bjork, Miles Davis, Mr Bungle, No Doubt and Fugazi. Blessed with an impressive vibrato and an effortless flow, her words explode from the musical mix with a reckless intensity that both moves and motivates the listener.

Possessive of seemingly endless amounts of creative energy, Ecca’s live shows are developing a reputation as must-see events, with her raw performances and on-stage antics wowing fans nationwide. Fresh off of blowing people’s minds in support of The Prodigy on their recent Aussie run, Ecca has taken up residencies at some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues, providing ever-growing crowds with the opportunity to preview the tracks that will make up one of the year’s most highly anticipated debuts. Having witnessed Ecca and her live band completely own a packed room on a freezing cold Tuesday night, I can confirm that the hype is absolutely justified.

In the wake of Courtney Barnett’s explosion into mainstream prominence, sections of the industry are bound to have their eyes fixed on the scene down under looking for ‘the next big thing.’ If I was a betting man, I’d put all my money on Ecca Vandal being granted that moniker. This shit is essential.

Ecca Vandal’s “White Flag” and “Battle Royal” can both be purchased on iTunes, or streamed on Spotify.

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