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In February, San Francisco’s Attik Door released their debut full-length album, titled Never In Agreement. They’ve since been working on a new video and performing around the Bay Area, with at least two more shows coming up this month.

We recently spoke with guitarist Tim Shulepov about the band coming together and their newest album, so read below to get some inside information on Attik Door.

UTG: I read that all 5 of you moved here from the former USSR. How did you all end up in San Francisco and why was that where you chose to be?

Tim Shulepov: We all came from different parts of former USSR, each one of us has their own story. Some of us came here during our childhood together with our parents, while others came here at a much later age, looking for a better life. There wasn’t much of a choice there; mostly chance, like with most immigrants.

And how did you all come together to form this band?

Alex and our former drummer Steve formed the band after leaving the project they were in prior to that. They enlisted Margarita from the same project. They knew Tim from the time their previous project played with the band he used to be in. Liana joined the band later, shortly after coming to the U.S.

Where did the name Attik Door originate from? Is there any specific meaning behind it that relates to your music?

It is a name Margarita came up with, borrowing from a notion that the most beautiful expression in English language is “cellar door.” She wanted to create something just as beautiful, but with a view from the rooftop.

I live just a couple hours north of San Francisco myself and love coming down there for shows. Where are some of your favorite places around the city and Bay Area to perform or to go see bands play?

The place that we can call our home venue is Neck of the Woods (formerly known as Rockit Room). We’ve played more shows there than anywhere else. Other than that, our favorite spots are Slim’s and Thee Parkside.

Never In Agreement came out earlier this year. To someone who’s never heard your music before, how would you describe the album in terms of sound, lyrical themes, and tone?

This is a story of rough and bitter times with a few sweet nostalgic episodes of bliss, presented in a form of a genuine, ballsy, hard rock album, the likes of which are very few and far between these days.

As a band, where would you say you all draw inspiration and influence from that you feel helped shape the style you’ve taken on musically?

It certainly comes from the music we listened to when we were teenagers, up to the present day. Our musical tastes differ greatly from one band member to another, so everyone brings their own element into the mix.

You posted an image of an astronaut on a beach and a ‘making of’ video for the video of “Kosmos.” Whose house and boat were you using and where was that shot at?

The house and boat belong to our bassist Margarita’s fiance. They live north of San Francisco.

Will that video be out soon?

We are hoping to see the final result [this month].

I noticed the crossed keys logo on your amps and stuff. What does that represent?

That is our band logo.

There’s a lot of power and energy in your music which I’d imagine translates well to your live performance. How would you describe an Attik Door live show to someone who’s never seen you guys and wanted to know what to expect?

Our concerts hit the audience like a fireworks of raw euphoric energy.

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