Retro Promenade’s ‘Carpenter’ Mix Honors The Master Of Horror With Synth Success


As much as I adore John Carpenter‘s Lost Themes album that was released earlier this year, I craved more. I’ve been in a huge ‘eerie synth’ mood for awhile now, having seen films such as The Guest and It Follows, and listening to lots of Perturbator.

If you’re anything like me, a new mixtape that just hit the net this week will satiate your ’80s synth-loving appetite. Retro Promenade had the good sense to gather 20 talented artists to contribute to a killer collection of Carpenter-inspired tracks that each provide the perfect soundtrack for hiding in closets, roaming the streets on dark, foggy nights, carving pumpkins, or just kicking ass when you’re all out of bubblegum.

Featuring the likes of Lazerhawk, Gunship, VHS Glitch and several other artists who deserve to be known, Carpenter is as cool as its cover art suggests. It’s George Nada cool. It’s Jack Burton cool. It’s also free which is cool. But if you have some funds to provide in return for 20 ridiculously awesome tracks, it’s worth it. You can also buy a movie poster-style print that features the artwork and the names of all the artists involved for just 10 bucks.

Stream the whole collection below and let us know what you think.

Brian Leak

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