Sony And MRC Looking To Create Film And TV Series Adaptations For ‘The Dark Tower’

The Dark Tower

I’m not one of those people who loves absolutely everything that Stephen King has ever released. I haven’t even read all of his books (though I have read quite a few). I have, however, read The Dark Tower series in its entirety. Those books are my favorite stories he’s written, and I am one of many fans who have been anxiously waiting to find out when we’d finally see an onscreen adaptation.

Fans have known for years that there were plans to create film adaptations of the series, but nothing has really manifested yet. Well, the announcement made today might change all of that. According to Deadline, Sony and MRC are teaming up to finance not only film adaptations of the series, but a complementary TV show to boot.

Sony and MRC are actively seeking a worthy director for the endeavor, and once they take the reins I am sure we will start to see some tangible progress.

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