New ‘Ant-Man’ Trailer Features Yellowjacket & Thomas The Tank Engine


Following a teaser clip released over the weekend, Marvel Studios has shared the second official trailer for this summer’s Ant-Man.

You know the way these reveals work by now. Offering more than you’ve seen before, but nowhere near enough to fully grasp everything taking place, the latest trailer for Ant-Man sells Marvel’s next big risk as well as any preview could. Viewers are shown a world in need of a new hero, and we soon learn Paul Rudd is the man to fill that role. Add in a few superhero bits, including the first on-screen reveal of Corey Stroll’s Yellowjacket costume, and you have a comic book trailer perfectly suited to make nerds explode with joy. You can view the footage below.

Make sure you watch the entire trailer. There is a bit at the end that shows what really happens when two tiny heroes battle atop a famous train, and it’s probably not what you would expect from a studio like Marvel. That said, it’s the kind of equally fun and exciting clip that makes me confident the film will keep the long-running success streak of comic book films alive and well.

Ant-Man opens everywhere in July.

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