Jon Bellion Is At An “All Time Low” In His Latest Single

Jon Bellion

At the end of last month Jon Bellion shared with fans his first single since releasing The Definition in 2014. It has only been two weeks, but Bellion is ready to share yet another new track with fans. This new song is titled “All Time Low,” and it’s available to stream below via Bellion’s Soundcloud.

As the title would suggest, the song is about Bellion being at an all time low – due to a conflict with an ex-lover. The song sounds like it belongs on a full-length album. It was produced wonderfully, and features all of the unique characteristics that he has curated over the years.

If you like what this musician has to offer, be sure to check him out live. He recently announced The Definition Tour and will be touring all over the country starting this May. You can find a full list of dates either on his website or Facebook.

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  • Nima Derak

    I would consider changing the article title as it seems like the song was going to receive a negative review by the statement