Adam Lambert Announces New Album, Streams “Ghost Town”


Adam Lambert has long shed the title of American Idol alum and established himself as a dominant force in the world of pop music. You never know what to expect from Lambert when he chooses to create new music, but you always know it will be something different than whatever he delivered before. That drive to constantly find new paths to pop music success is one of the many reasons I love watching Lambert’s career, and today I think he caught everyone off guard with the lead single for his recently announced third studio album.

“Ghost Town” is more or less a midtempo song about feelings of loneliness and the heartache that usually follows. It’s actually an incredibly dreary track, offering next to nothing uplifting while still somehow being accompanied by the kind of production made for middle of the week club nights. If Adam’s signature croon wasn’t delivered so impeccably well I probably wouldn’t have anything positive to say, except that there is always a chance this song just so happens to be the worst song on his upcoming album and that maybe no one noticed before sharing it with the public. That isn’t likely, of course, but hey – a guy can dream. You can stream “Ghost Town” and decide for yourself whether or not it is a strong single, below.

The Original High hits stores June 16. Beginning today, fans who pre-order a copy of the album at, will instantly receive a download of “Ghost Town.”

James Shotwell

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  • Jane

    LOL “dreary” ??? If you mean it’s not about butterflies, rainbows and daffodils in the spring then yeah, it’s dreary. ROFL This track is amazing. It’s spooky, chilling, dark, heart-breaking & lyrically brilliant coupled with a banging deep house beat & gorgeous rich vocals plus a whistle hook that wont let up. Pretty much a perfect pop tune. It’s possibly a bit too cutting edge/intense for some older listeners and not WGWG/country enough for the ballad crowd but everyone else will eat it up.

  • 6plus12

    Read dozens of reviews/blogs/tweets and this is the first negative one came across. Mr. S is entitled to his opinion and no problem with that – but disagree. Track is not dreary is the slightest – starts slow to a terrific build-up – find it beautiful and mysterious – substantial improvement over what passes for music on the Top 40. Well, see how it goes –

  • barbls23

    You just lost are your cred! In fact why have I even clicked on a link to this dreary review! You didn’t in critique, just expressed what you like! Amazes me how some people call themselves a reviewer without really reviewing! Loved to hear what you think is great! Getting out of here fast!

  • 6plus12

    Yes – “dreary”? – be interested what Mr. S thinks about Hozier or Sam Smith –

  • Trudy

    To me….Sam Smith is dreary and boring. I listen to pop music almost every day. I’ve already pre-ordered the entire Original High cd and after reviewing the titles of the other singles, I’m very intrigued. It will be very interesting to see how Warner Bros. markets this as we have all seen what happened to Trespassing.