Nate Ruess Streams New Single, “AhHa”


Now that Jack Antonoff has established Bleachers as a dominant force in the world of indie-tinged pop rock it’s time for fun. vocalist Nate Ruess to show fans what he can do when left to his own devices.

Early this morning, Nate Ruess shared a stream for a new single titled “AhHa” with fans online. The track is the second to surface off Ruess’ upcoming solo debut, Grand Romantic, following the release of “Nothing Without Love” back in September. This song is the far more rock-driven of the two tracks made available, and if I had to guess it’s this single which will fair far better at radio (should the label use it for a proper promotional push). You can stream the song at the end of this post.

Grand Romantic is set to drop in June, which means Ruess and his team have less than eight weeks to make this record one of the most anticipated releases of the summer. Right now I don’t believe that is the case, and that is a little concerning considering how much of a pop music staple Ruess and his writing have become over the last few years. I don’t know if “AhHa” will be enough to change the tide, but it will most certainly help. Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

James Shotwell

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  • Charley

    1. That strong voice that reveals an incredibly broad range.
    2. Crisp, coherent lyrics laid bare that somehow seem to resonate with the listener.
    3. A surprise switch in tone and/or effects with every stanza to keep the song from becoming tiresome and repetitive. (Sorry, “We Are Young.”)
    4. A contemplative ballad to mom with bold but seamless transitions to raw, emotional and energetic rock (perhaps inspired by “Bohemian Rhapsody” and other Queen tracks).
    5. Letting go of the sadness of the past and feeling hopeful for the future with the help of music. (Yes, we’ve been there.) Don’t we all have a pent-up grand romantic inside each of us?
    6. An ability (with publicists’ help?) to connect on a personal level with each of his fans.
    7. A nod to “Some Nights,” the best song from fun.
    8. The dreamlike lyrics behind the “Some Nights” refrain.
    9. The anticipation of watching an incredible performer take the stage by storm with this song.
    10. If Nate Ruess is barely getting started with a solo track like this, he surely has a future of unimaginable proportions..