Turnover Stream New LP ‘Peripheral Vision’

Turnover 2015

Turnover are set to release their sophomore LP, Peripheral Vision, on May 4. With the release a little under a week away, Billboard is streaming the entire LP in full.

Produced by Will Yip, Peripheral Vision features top notch production, songwriting, and atmosphere. Though the album tends to suffer from moments of similarity, many of the songs throughout the LP are easily the band’s best. You can read our full review of the album here.

In an interview with Billboard, bassist Danny Dempsey says that “our new record is very different and it’s very far from pop-punk, in my opinion.” Believe him, Turnover’s new LP is a great new sound for the band, and contrary to what a lot people may think, it is not comparable to Title Fight’s Hyperview, though the internet is beginning comparisons anyway. Turnover should be known for their new sonic direction as an individual band, not defined by an entire scene.

Follow us after the jump to stream Turnover’s Peripheral Vision.

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