MUST DOWNLOAD: Marco Drops Free ‘Studio Nights’ LP


Two years after the release of his popular XVII EP, WFFW member Marco has just dropped the first must-hear album of May 2015.

Studio Nights is the debut full-length album from Marco. The album combines several singles shared by the young rapper over the last year with four or five tracks that are exclusive to this release. The entire album is available for free, and for the time being you can stream and download the record right here on UTG.

We have been posting about Marco and his fellow WFFW members since the release of their “Rick James” video. It has been clear for some time that Marco was a stand out talent amongst a group of undeniably skilled, young creative types, and Studio Nights showcases his talent better than any other release in his quickly growing catalog. He might not be a household name tomorrow, but we would be impressed if we live another two years before every major outlet has this young man on the front page of their site. Click below and get familiar now.

James Shotwell

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