Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Just Released The Worst Song of 2015


It seems safe to say Britney Spears has struggled to remain relevant in recent years. While her Vegas show has been a colossal hit, almost all new music delivered from Britney in the last half decade has disappeared from trending topic charts almost as fast as it arrived. Her latest single adds Iggy Azalea to the mix in hopes of reaching the youth of the world, but sadly the results are the least Britney thing Ms. Spears may have ever released.

Titled “Pretty Girls,” the latest single from the girl who gave us “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” sounds like something Gwen Stefani left off her platinum-selling debut solo album. The only problem is, Britney cannot sing like Gwen, and the addition of Iggy Azalea only makes a bad song worse. Her raps arrive DOA, and her faux attitude is as translucent as plastic wrap when held between you and the hot summer sun. I know that sounds harsh, but you will soon learn it’s rather honest. You can stream “Pretty Girls” below.

I thought Britney hit a career low when she contributed the largely forgettable “Oh La La” to the film Smurfs 2, but “Pretty Girls” is proof the former chart-topper can indeed sink lower than originally thought possible.

This song could probably work for someone who hasn’t led the career of Britney Spears, but in this case it seems like Britney has lowered her standards for what someone has told her will be a hit at radio. If that is the case, Britney certainly isn’t the first to exchange quality for short term success, but given the career she has led it is a move that feels undeniably cheap. Nothing to this song leads you to believe you will want to hear it again in five minutes, let alone five years. It’s disposable from beginning to end, and that is the worst sin of all.

All that said, I still believe in Britney Spears. Just like Madonna before, Spears was destined to have one or multiple mediocre releases following the string of smash hits that launched her career. The key to retaining her legacy, not to mention returning to her former glory at the charts, is in what Britney Spears chooses to do next. Will she reinvent herself again? I sure hope so.

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