Fetty Wap Shares “Trap Queen” UK Remix Feat. Azealia Banks & More


It is incredibly rare to find a song that reaches the top of the Billboard charts over a year after its initial release, but thanks to the way the internet works that is exactly what has happened to Fetty Wap with his ridiculously catchy single, “Trap Queen.” The song originally premiered online in April 2014, but it took nearly a year for the mainstream music community to catch. Since Wap’s appearance on MTV last month, however, things have been changing at an alarming rate, and today the fast-rising rapper shared yet another remix of his hit single with the world.

Serving as the second or third remix to hit the streets in less than three months, the UK remix of “Trap Queen” features guest appearances from Azealia Banks, Gucci Mane, and Quavo (of Migos). This is the first time Azealia has been heard on this now internationally recognized beat, but hip-hop diehards may recognize Gucci and Quavo’s bars from previous remixes that hit the net earlier in the year. Either way, the song is just as catchy as ever. You can stream the new remix below.

I will be the first to tell you that I am in love with “Trap Queen.” Like most of you, I didn’t catch on to Fetty Wap’s unique style until 2015, but I have quickly consumed every bit of material I can find from the New Jersey native. You should do the same whenever your schedule allows. With the right marketing, Fetty could easily become more than a one hit wonder.

Did you know “Trap Queen” already has an official video? I’ve included the visuals in this post as well, just in case you missed out the first time around.

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