Diamond Youth Stream Debut LP, ‘Nothing Matters’


Baltimore’s Diamond Youth have joined forces with Spin Magazine to begin streaming their debut album, Nothing Matters, a full week ahead of its official release. Give it a listen after the jump.

“I think the full-length is a nice showcase of the different styles we like to write in the rock genre,” vocalist Justin Gilman recently told Inyourspeakers Media. “Some are more mellow and nostalgic, other songs are bangers, fast paced and grungier. We just like writing good, simple songs. That’s always what we have in mind when writing.”

Gilman isn’t kidding; the group’s newest offering is varied and unpredictable, juggling genres with ease. Soaring, Dave Grohl-esque refrains live happily alongside fuzzy grunge breaks, resulting in some truly unique soundscapes that are surprisingly easy to get lost in. If you’re a fan, sound off in the comments section.

Nothing Matters hits shelves next Tuesday, May 19, through Topshelf Records. Pre-orders are ongoing.

Kyle Florence

Kyle Florence is a proud Wisconsinite, a dinosaur enthusiast, and a lover of all things weird and whacky.
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