Polar Bear Club Is Basically On Hiatus

Polar Bear Club

Following last week’s announcement that pop rock favorites Fireworks would be going on hiatus at the end of summer, it now seems another innovative alternative band is taking time away from the spotlight.

Speaking with fans over Twitter this past weekend, Polar Bear Club vocalist Jimmy Stradt broke the hearts of his followers around the world by sharing the news that his band is currently taking some time off. After a fan inquired as to the band’s recent activity, Stradt replied, “The statement that fireworks released the other day is pretty in line with where pbc is at.”

The statement Stradt is referring to was released by Fireworks last Thursday, May 14. In it, the band explained how each member had a desire to experience the other side of life, and how that meant no more touring or recording for the foreseeable future. The band didn’t write off the chances of returning entirely, but they did infer that such activity wouldn’t be taking place any time soon. Click here to read the full message.

Polar Bear Club have long been one of our favorite bands, and we wish each member the best of luck in whatever they choose to do next. All we ask is that someday, hopefully not too far from now, they reunite for one more record. That would be awesome.

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