‘Suicide Squad’ Set Photos Prove The Joker’s Tattoos Are Real


Remember when we all collectively lost our shit last month after David Ayer unveiled his vision of The Joker? Well, you might want to strap in because it turns out the tattoos that caused a global nerd outcry are in fact going to appear in the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

Yes, you read that right. Based on new set photos that were posted to JustJared earlier today, May 18, it appears Jared Leto’s turn as the Joker will indeed appear on screen covered in self-referential tattoos. The reasoning for this remains a mystery, but as you will see in the images below the Joker appears to have each of the designs teased in last month’s promo picture while filming on set.

Another thing you might have noticed in the newly released images is Margot Robbie, who is seen for the very first time in something other than her Harley Quinn outfit. Could Ayer be setting up a back story to showcase the transformation Doctor Harleen Quinzel underwent to become Mr. J’s sidekick and lover? Only time will tell to be honest, but it certainly looks like some type of time jump will take place in the finished product.

Suicide Squad will not be released until August 2016, so it’s likely we will see numerous photos and videos from the production popping up online in the weeks and months ahead. We won’t post anything too spoiler-y, but we will bring you any important information that arises from that coverage. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.





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