UTG PHOTOS: The Used, Every Time I Die & Marmozets In Cleveland, OH (5/2/15)

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Under The Gun sent photographer Kellie Gannon to photograph The Used at House of Blues in Cleveland on May 2.

The Used is not the kind of band whose show you can attend without getting some sort of accidental bruise, mosh pit elbow in the eye, or crowd surfers’ foot in the head. It’s worth every minute and every potential battle wound. The Used has been a band since 2001, but my first opportunity to experience them live wasn’t until Vans Warped Tour 2012 in Cleveland. Highlights from that set included Bert spitting into the crowd, throwing a lit cigarette into the pit, and kicking a water bottle off the stage two inches from my head. This show had a few less antics, but certainly no less energy.

I had the opportunity to cover this show in my hometown, and coincidentally it was the final night of the tour. Support on this tour came from The Eeries, Marmozets, and Every Time I Die. Marmozets are on my “bands to watch” list this year due to their incredible sound and strong anthems. Their songs will rock your core and get stuck in your brain, especially my current obsession, “Born Young & Free,” and the newest single they played as the closing song of their set, “Why Do You Hate Me?”

Every Time I Die is always a wildcard band to shoot and I had the pleasure of even catching them in their hometown a few years ago. It’s like watching preschoolers on speed. Feet are always mid-air, someone always jumps into the crowd with their guitar, and the frequent strobe lighting certainly matches the frantic mood. Case in point: Jordan stage dived into the crowd within the first two songs, and again during the final song of the set. Watching ETID is sure to accelerate your heart rate without even trying; such a talented group of guys with never-ending energy.

The Used had an absolutely dynamite night onstage and made the final night of the tour feel as if it were the first. They played songs carefully chosen from the entirety of their discography, beginning with “Maybe Memories,” playing right into rambunctious hit “Take It Away.” The entire set was song after song of The Used nostalgia. “The Taste of Ink” featured a mid-song acapella with the crowd screaming the words. During one of my all-time favorites, “The Best of Me,” lead vocalist Bert McCracken invited a fan onstage who promptly began crying and singing along with him. Bert and the rest of The Used made it an insanely memorable night, with Bert giving a few not-so-subtle reminders to enjoy the show: “Feel free to make some actual memories and stick your phone up your asshole!” Well put.

Bert is such a stunning front man and the beautiful thing is that he doesn’t put on a show for anyone. He is exactly the same rambunctious, poignant, and headstrong person both onstage and off. As he stated at one point before the encore, “Ever since I was little and saw Justin Timberlake grab his dick, I wanted to do this [onstage] and grab my dick.” Not sure how young JT was when he started grabbing himself in public since he is only one year older than Bert… but I guess every fan of The Used owes JT a thank you. Who knew?

The Used ended the night with a lengthy encore medley of quintessential rock songs then finished with an over-the-top rendition of “A Box Full of Sharp Objects.” The Used never sleeps and have already embarked on another short US tour followed by some end of the summer international dates. Be sure to catch them live and pick up their latest release, Imaginary Enemy. Enjoy the photos below from this crazy talented tour!

























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