New ‘Pixels’ Trailer Introduces Heroes and Villains


If there is any hope for Adam Sandler‘s quickly-disappearing career in comedy, Pixels may be it. Set for release this summer, the film pits the star of Blended and The Cobbler against the most iconic video game characters of all time, and he has somehow convinced Kevin James to come along for the ride.

Today, Sony Pictures released a second trailer for Pixels, which is the first to really detail what exactly will happen in the story. From what we’re told, aliens received a transmission meant to showcase our way of life and mistakingly took it as a threat of war. To retaliate, the other-worldly beings send our favorite video game characters to Earth with a single mission: Destroy everything.

Where does Sandler come in? Well, he and Kevin James, along with a few other notable cast members, are recruited by the US government due to their advanced skill in video games. Together they must stop the alien invasion, defeat a villainous version of Pac-Man, and somehow make everything right again before the world we know has crumbled around them. You can view the new trailer below.

Pixels, which was directed by Home Alone helmer Christopher Columbus, arrives in theaters July 24. After that, all future Sandler-led comedies will be premiering on Netflix.

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