It’s Official: The Olsen Twins Will Not Be Part of ‘Fuller House’


The news that Netflix decided to renew Full House was met with equal amounts of confusion and excitement when revealed earlier this year. The confusion came from those who remembered the program for the hit-and-miss collection of oversized family antics it really was, while the excitement was provided by those who were too young to think critically about the program they were watching. We at UTG were fairly on the fence ourselves, opting to not hop aboard the celebratory Netflix bandwagon as we had so many times before, and now it seems we have one (or perhaps two) new reasons to be unsure whether or not Fuller House will be what fans think they want.

Confirmed Friday via Variety, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have decided they will not be taking part of Fuller House in any way, shape, or form. This means the character of Michelle, who the twins portrayed together, will also be absent from the show. Every other character and actor is still scheduled to return.

Shortly after the news broke, Executive producer Robert L. Boyett released this official statement:

“Although Ashley and Mary-Kate will not be a part of ‘Fuller House,’ I know how much ‘Full House’ has meant to them, and they are still very much considered family. It has been exciting to see how they have built their professional careers, and I support their choice to focus on their fashion brands and various business endeavors. I appreciate their support and good wishes toward ‘Fuller House.’”

The reason for the twins’ decision to stay out from in front of the camera is likely due to their incredibly busy work schedules. Neither does much in the form of acting any longer, but together they run four unique fashion brands, with distribution all over the globe.

Fear not, Tanner family fans. Fuller House is still moving forward as planned, with a likely premiere in 2016. The show will basically flip the gender of the original series by following D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure), all grown up and working as a veterinarian in San Francisco. But when her husband dies while she’s pregnant, she finds support from her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), an aspiring musician, as well as her best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber), who is also a single mother. D.J. also has two other kids, a rebellious 12-year-old named J.D. and a neurotic 7-year-old named Max.

John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey), and Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) will also return, though their purpose within the story has yet to be revealed. No word yet if Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) will return, but our friends at /Film claim rumors of a deal for her have been circulating throughout Hollywood.

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