Rob Thomas Returns With New Single “Trust You”


Matchbox 20 frontman Rob Thomas has stepped back into the pop spotlight with the premiere of a new song titled “Trust You.” I should warn you: It’s catchy.

Co-written with One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder, “Trust You” is a fast-paced pop song that further evolves Thomas’ already dynamic and tenured sound. Thomas may have made his name in alternative rock, but his solo career has always boasted a heavy pop influence that is once again present on this track. That said, it’s not so in line with current radio hits as to feel immediately disposable in any way, shape, or form. You can stream the song below.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about his plans for the future in a new interview, Thomas was asked if there was any news to report on the status of Matchbox 20. Thomas replied:

We put out North and then we toured for a year and a half all over the world. Then I spent the rest of the time working on this solo record. We never really stop. We obviously want to do something big for the 20th anniversary of our first record. And we plan to always keep making music and keep touring, just right now it’s impossible—it really takes a lot of effort to do two projects at one time. I actually just talked to Paul [Doucette] from Matchbox, who’s my best friend, trying to figure out what we’re going to do as soon as I get this ship in the water. Once this gets floating then I’ll feel a little safer to start talking about what that’s going to be. But there’s definitely going to be something on the horizon, especially for the 20th anniversary.

Thomas’ next solo album, The Great Unknown, will hit stores later this year.

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    Trust Me? It’s Trust You, did you even listen to it?