The Weeknd Shares “I Can’t Feel My Face”


With “Earned It” continuing to dominate the charts, The Weeknd has surprised fans once again with a surprise single release.

“I Can’t Feel My Face” appeared online late Monday night, May 25. The song boasts dance-ready production inspired by the heights of funk and soul. It’s the kind of endless groove that could play all night long, and Abel’s voice only serves to take the entire affair to the next level. The drug use alluded to in the title is not as present in the music as one might expect, but it’s implied nonetheless. You can stream the song below.

The internet has known The Weeknd is something special for years, but mainstream audiences are still very much catching on. If “Earned It” didn’t convince people The Weeknd was here to stay, “I Can’t Feel My Face” could we very well put his brand over the top. Comment and let us know if you agree.

James Shotwell

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    That was my first thought.

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    Needs to drop an album this year

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    With more stuff like this.