The New Sorority Noise Album Will Probably Change Our Lives


Anyone who is connected to the alternative and indie rock worlds with even the faintest of interest no doubt failed to make it out of 2014 without hearing The Hotelier‘s phenomenal album, Home Like NoPlace Is There. And that’s perfectly fine. It’s great, in fact. That album is incredible and it deserves to be heard by as many people with ears to hear that exist today, but as far as buzzworthy records go it’s high time a new king be crowned and Sorority Noise are currently making a damn strong argument that their upcoming release be next in line.

Today, Sorority Noise and Topshelf Records partnered with the fine folks at Stereogum to premiere a song titled “Nolsey.” It’s one of multiple songs off Joy, Departed (out June 16) to surface ahead of the album’s official release, but unlike the others it so perfectly encapsulates everything that makes the entire record something great. In well under four minutes the song manages to grab you, make you fall in love, break your illusion that love exists, and then in a moment’s notice sweep you off your feet all over again. It’s anthemic, yet personal, and it highlights the impeccable well-balanced, lyrically impressive sound the band is boasting on their latest release. You can stream the song below.

I’m sure we’ll review Joy, Departed in full closer to release. Maybe I’ll write that one, but there is a good chance it’ll be given to someone else. If that is the case, and this is the last time I touch on the band prior to the record hitting stores, then I’ll say it here first that Sorority Noise are about to release everyone’s new contender for album of the year. They’ve seen where bands have set the bar for excellence in years prior and met, if not raised it for everyone who has yet to release material in 2015.

Your move, everyone else.

James Shotwell

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