Tyler, The Creator Hints That Odd Future Are “No More”


It’s hard to believe Odd Future are a group that only came onto the nation rap radar six years ago, but when that happened the crew seemed as tight as any the industry had seen before. Not only were they all friends, but they each possessed a unique take on hip-hop that allowed them to avoid ever sounding too redundant in their delivery. Now, it seems, we may never hear new material from the crew again.

Any fan of Odd Future could tell you it has been a minute since the group was seen together. After initially touring as a crew, not to mention featuring on one another’s records, the various members of Odd Future have slowly drifted apart while pursuing their individual tastes and interests. Earl has pushed the boundaries of mainstream hip-hop, while Tyler has become more eclectic than ever (both in rap and the number of additional, non-music projects he tackles). Domo Genesis still loves weed more than anyone you know, and Left Brain is just as wild as ever. I could go on, but I assume you get the idea by now that even though the various members of Odd Future are simply more mature versions of their former selves, something has changed in the dynamic between them, and last night Tyler, The Creator seemed to confirm the end of the group via Twitter. You can view the tweets in question below:

Then this morning, after news outlets began running headlines that OF were no more, Tyler posted:

There is a chance someone representing Odd Future will clarify Tyler’s comments as the day goes on, but right now no official statement regarding Odd Future has been released. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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