Last Chance To Hop On The “No Compadre” Bandwagon


2014 was admittedly a weak year for Future, as real life drama and lackluster singles had many wondering if the once promising emcee had fallen off. 2015 has been a different story thus far, and now Future is taking things to another level by releasing the long-awaited video for “No Compadre.”

You may recognize “No Compadre” as your favorite Music writer’s favorite song. The track originated on Future’s 56 Nights mixtape and it’s now destined to be on every buck wild playlist you and your hipper than hip friends put together in anticipation of your next rager. It may also end up on your girlfriend’s workout playlist, and if it doesn’t you should probably break up with her. I mean, what’s the point of trying to force romance with a woman who cannot appreciate the subtle genius of a track comparing weak rappers to leather made from reptile skin?

As for the video itself, I’m not going to lie and say that something Earth-shattering accompanies the viral hit. The footage is actually a compilation of clips filmed during Future’s current run with Drake on the ‘Jungle’ tour. We see Future hanging with other famous rappers, touching down in various cities, and randomly bouncing around on stage – not necessarily to the song playing during the clip. You can view the video below.

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