UTG PREMIERE: Robots and Monsters – “Down To Ash” (Music Video)

Robots and Monsters - Down to Ash - CD

Under The Gun Review is pleased to present you with a new video from New Jersey metal outfit Robots and Monsters. “Down To Ash” is the title track off of the band’s debut EP and the video features a tribute to metal icons from Prong to Death Angel.

Fresh off of a weekend gig with thrash legends D.R.I. in Queens, NY and a recent shoutout from Jim Florentine on VH1’s That Metal Show, vocalist Dylan Gadino is excited for the world to check out the new video. He feels it’s a good representation of the band, with an old school thrash vibe that filters through a hardcore-punk lens.

“To me the song is about the conflict we all have–whether it’s conscious or not–between personal identity and mainstream expectations and the battle that creates,” Gadino said. “It’s hard finding the balance between being true to yourself and operating within the confines of what’s expected of you.”

Between breakdowns and dreadlock-flipping, the video features a man running through the streets of New Jersey.

“What he represents is open to interpretation. To me, the running man represents the constant battle in your head. He represents the race–real or imagined–that we’re all forced into if we want to live a decent life. The video ends where it begins, which is a pretty direct of saying, “this shit never ends.” I guess at the end of the day we all have to decide if we want to keep running and for how long.

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Derek Scancarelli

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