Shura Provides 7 Minutes in Heaven With “White Light”

shura feature

Shura‘s singles have been dominating my playlists as of late and I never hesitate to add more. Following the beautifully infectious “2Shy,” the London pop songstress is back with a 7-minute dance epic that echoes her previous works with catchy choruses and undeniable ’80s influence.

“White Light” will make you move, and even at double the length of most of Shura’s tracks, you’ll probably be hitting play again as soon as it ends. It boasts a lot of airy atmosphere, Shura’s perfectly fitting vocal delivery, and some funky backing bass lines.

There doesn’t appear to be word yet on where this track will end up but we’re crossing our fingers for a new EP or full-length ASAP, or at least just plenty more singles to help get us through the Summer heat.

Stream “White Light” below and let us know what you think.

*feature photo courtesy of Hollie Fernando Photography

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