Tomás Doncker To Launch South By South Orange Fest Amidst ‘Big Apple Blues’ Tour

south by south orange

No Wave and Blues legend Tomás Doncker released his newest album, Big Apple Blues, back in October but he’s still supporting the effort through touring with shows lined up for the next few months.

For the weekend of June 26-28, Doncker will be helping launch the first-ever South By South Orange festival. Curated by Mike Griot, the CEO of PWI Media Entertainment, SOxSO was “conceived as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the creative process and showcase the many ways that arts, science, and creativity ‘collide’ to produce innovation,” according to New Jersey Stage. South Orange Village and Seton Hall University are presenting the event which will feature several interactive sessions, musical performances, community art projects and more, all with an overall theme of “Creative Collisions.”

The Tomás Doncker Band will serve as the house band during the festival amidst the Big Apple Blues tour for their album of the same name–a collaboration between Doncker and Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet Yusef Komunyakaa–which you can stream here.

All information regarding SOxSO what can found on the festival’s website.

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