CalatrilloZ Premiere New Video For “Z the Psychopath”


London-based symphonic metal act CalatrilloZ have just released a brand new video for “Z the Psychopath,” featured on their newest 6-track release, Psalms of Zahyin, due out on June 22.

Premiering over at The Bonesaw, the video features a mostly straightforward performance from the costumed band in all their usual glory, with the members’ black metal meets mime artist painted faces (and creepy clown-like smiles) dominating much of the runtime. There’s some bloody images thrown in for good measure, too. The track itself: a shredding, theatrical, ostensibly NWOBHM-inspired romp for fans of anything from Dream Theater to Avenged Sevenfold.

You can watch the video for the Psalms of Zayhin closer below and be on the lookout for the album when it’s released next week.

Brian Leak

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