UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: Stallions – “Still Chasing”


Everyone seems to be talking about the numerous new releases hitting stores today, and for good reason. There is certainly no shortage of great records out right now, but if you’re looking for something that points to where the future of music is headed we can save you a few bucks by introducing you to the amazing talent of Stallions.

Hailing from Delaware with a sound best described as a mix between The All-American Rejects and Owl City, Stallions have quietly been amassing a dedicated online following since forming, and on July 14 they will share their debut EP with the world. That record, titled One Track Mind, was recorded at TTR Studios in Philadelphia, PA and was mastered by Grammy­ award winning engineer Mike Tarsia of Sigma Sound (David Bowie, Patti LaBelle). The seven tracks included on the record are as follows:

1. Window Seat
2. Still Chasing
3. For What It’s Worth
4. Five More Steps
5. Falling
6. Here We Are Now
7. Better Yet

Today, UTG is thrilled to host the world premiere of Stallions’ official video for “Still Chasing.” The song is the perfect summary of the band’s sound, offering just enough rock and pop elements to hook anyone with a love for feel good music. The Dan Dome-directed clip features amazing performance footage, as well as lighting that brings to mind the cover of the band’s upcoming EP. You can view the video, as well as the album art, at the end of this post.

When asked why they chose “Still Chasing” for their latest video, Stallions responded:

“We decided to do a music video for the single “Still Chasing” with director Dan Dome. Dan is a friend of the band and the concept for the video was born out of our rehearsal space. We set up some lights as a throwback to a party we had in the space and went for it. We wanted the video to be slick, straight forward and brand it with the album artwork. Dan has been a professional video editor in New York city and in Los Angeles over the past 18 years and has worked on a ton of television shows, so we were in very good hands with him at the helm.”

We believe Stallions have a great deal of promise, and we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see them topping indie charts in the weeks and months ahead. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Still Chasing.” We’ll post more news and updates from the band as soon as additional information becomes available.


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