The Money Pit Will Fill The Hole Left By Gatsby’s American Dream


You can cut your hair and dress better than you did in college, but deep down all your mid-oughts emo and scene kids know your heart will always be glued to your shoulder with the permanent adhesive known as Jesse Lacey’s best lyrics. I know it and you know it. Just accept it and we can move on.

Alright. We all know the best bands of that era died too soon and most of those who didn’t have done everything in their power to evolve into something more than they were when they mattered to you. I prefer the ones that fell off, if only because their eventual ‘we’re totally not doing this for the money’ 10-year anniversary tour will allow me to revisit my youth for a brief future moment in time. One of those long deceased favorites, Gatsby’s American Dream, unfortunately show no sign of announcing reunion plans any time soon. Fortunately, a few members have just debuted a new project that is sure to keep longtime GAD fans believing in the power of great, original music.

The Money Pit is a new band featuring former GAD vocalist Nic Newsham. The group has only shared two songs to date, but they have already string of live performances alongside Acceptance and Emarosa during the month of July. Their sound falls in line with the recently popular trend of combining traditional alternative structures and themes with funk-heavy influences and just enough digital manipulation to make something unique. “Control Everything,” the first track shared with the public, perfectly showcases this sound in a way that makes you want to simultaneously dance and sing along. Within two or three listens, you’ll be able to do both.

The other track, “Killing Time In Hawaii,” feels like a pop song written for ex-Warped Tour attendees who believe it’s still just a bit too uncool to admit they love to dance when no one is watching. It builds from a driving tempo into a joyous and defiant hook that considers the idea of conforming to the demands of the world before climaxing with a jubilant outcry of “Fuck that shit” you will be singing to yourself for weeks to come. You can stream both songs below.

It’s clear The Money Pit have more songs to share, but when they will surface remains a mystery. Stay tuned.

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