Senses Fail Stream ‘Pull The Thorns From Your Heart’

Senses Fail 2015

Senses Fail have begun streaming their highly anticipated Pure Noise debut, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, a full week ahead of its official June 30 release. Check it out below (via MerchNow), along with a track-by-track commentary courtesy of vocalist Buddy Nielsen.

“Music-wise, it’s heavy as fuck, and I think on another level, it’s very post-rocky,” Nielsen told Alternative Press back in March. “There are a lot of movements and space and fluidity to the music. I’m really proud of it musically. I’m really proud of it lyrically. It’s the most complete presentation of the band as I’ve wanted it to be, ever.”

As I write this, I’m about halfway through Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, and I’d already be willing to call it Senses Fail’s most concrete effort to date–the hooks are huge, and the breakdowns are even bigger. If you feel the same way, let us know in the comments section.

Kyle Florence

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  • Djonty Panther

    Their best album, by far. Only been listening for a few days, but it’s so genuine it brought me to tears

  • gertrud.gooc