UTG PREMIERE: theWhen – ‘Layer Zero’

thewhen 2015 record release layer zero

Streaming exclusively now below is the brand new EP from theWhen, titled Layer Zero. The record contains a huge sound, mixing modern electronic, rock and pop elements to deliver memorable track after memorable track.

Tracks like “Better Than Now” and “Learning To Try” stand out through a mixture of electronic grit and sheer melodic infectiousness. Here’s what theWhen mastermind and curator Matt Kourie had to say about the release:

Layer Zero is about coming back to center and finding your true self. It is a rebirth and a metamorphosis. It is a state of being, where there is clarity. Bias and common association to language are stripped away for an illuminating perspective, as opposed to a misguided perception. This is an awakening of the soul and a powerful manifestation into the waking life towards becoming the real you.”

Stream the record in full here and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Are you in NYC? Be on the lookout for theWhen’s record release show tonight at Pianos.

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