UTG PHOTOS & REVIEW: Tove Lo At The Music Hall Of Williamsburg in New York, NY (06/16/15)

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Chances are, you have heard the song “Talking Body” either on the radio or while canoodling with your lover. Fun fact: Tove Lo‘s album, Queen Of The Clouds, came out in September 2014, but it seems like it’s peaking at the right time for your summer outings.

I had previously seen the Swedish pop star the week before at Free Press Summer Festival in Houston. Tove Lo has been on a lot of festival rosters – you have to respect her grind. It was about twenty degrees hotter and outdoors, but the singer had one of the biggest crowds throughout the whole weekend, so I knew fans were receptive to it.

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Flash forward to a special Steve Madden event at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg. To my delight, (OMG, an actual photo pit) it was a free concert that sold out almost instantly. Fans RSVPed in rabid fashion and were asking to see if anybody had extra tickets on Twitter minutes before the show went on. The thing about Tove Lo is that along with her music–which is pretty up front in all aspects==is her stage presence. She uses her sexuality to enhance her subject matter. It’s cool that more artists are embracing that part of themselves.

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The night kicked off with “My Gun” and one of the first singles released from Clouds, “Not On Drugs.” Although the album was recently embraced here in the United States, the songs have garnered enough fans to sing every word, or at least hum along with them. The fourth song, “Talking Body” – unless you’ve been living under a rock, well, then you know what happens. Not on this night, however; we kept it strictly music. The last songs performed were the recently released singles “Habits (Stay High)” and “Timebomb.”

If you’ve heard the radio lately, you would know that the album has legs. If you’re going to a festival anytime soon, it seems likely Tove Lo will be performing. Check out her set; you’ll more than likely leave a fan if you weren’t already one going in.

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