UTG PREMIERE: Valora – “React” (Music Video)


Today, UTG has teamed up with Los Angeles based electro-rock act Valora to premiere the brand new music video for their single, “React,” featuring Mot & Krid.

The visuals for “React,” directed by Justin Floyd, encourage you to take charge of your life–to take a stand or to speak up and fight back, in any situation, including be bullied, manipulated and/or discouraged in any way.

As to the message and meaning behind the track itself, vocalist Syd Duran shares: “‘React’ is the anthem of dreamers like me. Those who have big goals and bigger hearts are bound to feel more disappointment and rejection from people who can’t see their vision. The way I see it, you have two options: you either give in to the temptation of acceptance and live a safe, dream-free life, or you react to anyone and anything that gets in your way, and you make it happen for yourself. Our goal in writing this song and making this music video was to motivate those who are still making a decision about what kind of life they want to live. I hope after watching it, they have no choice but to react.”

You can stream Valora’s newest video below and keep up to date with the band’s moves via Facebook and Instagram.

Brian Leak

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  • Cecille
  • Jessica

    Love this! This is everything! Omg!

  • Sergio

    Fck yeah Valora!

  • Mercedes

    Syds face = perfection!

  • Liz

    Love this band! Waiting since the beginning.. <3

  • Syd Duran

    Thank you all so much for the love!

  • Melissa

    Sick! So powerful when you break it all down. I love you guys!

  • Darren Spoor

    Just Love the style your Group has and like Amy Lee your voice is so distinctive and clear. dont think I will ever tire of hearing your tunes :)

  • catalina_anderson2