Second ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer Focuses On Reed Richards

Fantastic Four

A few days removed from the frenzy of Comic-Con, Fox has released the second and potentially final trailer for the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four.

By now you no doubt know what to expect from a comic book movie trailer, and Fox hasn’t done a thing to try and change the long-proven formula with this new bit of footage. Audiences are first introduced to a young Reed Richards who, like the adult he would later become, is endlessly obsessed with science, but his experiments do not always go as planned. We then jump to the present day, where Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four are recruited for a special mission that results in each person gaining special abilities. We also see Doom, perhaps more now than ever before, and we get a true sense of his awesome, albeit terrifying abilities. You can view the footage below.

With all the hype for the new comic films being promoted at Comic-Con, it did seem like this feature got a bit swept under the rug. I, for one, think this reboot looks like a lot of fun. It’s darker than I would have expected, or at least it looks that way, but I’m willing to give Fox a chance to wow me. Comment below and let me know if you feel the same.

Fantastic Four opens in August.

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