Wet Go Roller Skating In New Video For “You’re The Best”

Wet 2015

Wet have yet to truly blow up but they’re well on their way. Hopefully their upcoming debut full-length will get them all the attention they deserve.

In 2013, the New York pop/R&B trio released one of my favorite EPs of the year, or last several years really. They also released a video for one of the EP’s singles, titled “You’re The Best.” However, as the track will also be featured on their new album, Don’t You, it’s been given a visual makeover with a brand new video that takes place at a roller skating rink. Vocalist Kelly Zutrau tells Billboard (where the video premiered today), “We’ve been skating a lot in our town because there’s not too much to do at night. One night we were just at the mall skating and I took a video of Joe doing a trick and we realized it would make the perfect video for ‘You’re The Best.'”

You can see the video below. Be on the lookout for Don’t You, their 11-track debut LP, coming soon from Columbia Records.

Brian Leak

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