Rustie’s Remix Of Ginuwine’s “Pony” Might Change Your Life


Magic Mike XXL was everything fans of the series could have hope it would be, but yesterday we discovered one unused song from the film that might have made things even better.

EDM favorite Rustie revealed to the world Monday afternoon that he had created a remix of Ginuwine’s classic track “Pony” for the Channing Tatum-led sequel, but the song was ultimately cut from the film ahead of its official release. Rustie didn’t know what to do with the song otherwise, so he decided to throw it up online for fans to enjoy. You can stream the track below.

I’m never the first person to lose their mind over a remix, but Rustie has done something special with “Pony” that I cannot properly describe. The song is as infectious as ever, but there are several new tracks in the mix that make the entire affair feel downright futuristic. Hopefully a download becomes available soon.

You can probably still catch Magic Mike XXL in theaters, and if that’s the case we highly suggest you do before it leaves the big screen forever. It’s a silly movie, but it’s also a whole lot of fun.

James Shotwell

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