Chris Cartier’s “Minimum Wage” Is The Best Song Of The Week


If you were to try and understand the state of American economics by listening to Top 40 radio you may walk away feeling like everything is fine for the majority of US citizens. You would be incredibly wrong, but given the constant celebration of excess and lavish lifestyles heard in the music created by the biggest names in entertainment it’s a mistake that is easy to understand.

The truth about life in America today is ugly. Racial tension feels as if it is at an all-time high, as is unemployment, and the quality of our education system has been on a downward spiral for the better part of the last half decade. People are suffering, both in public and in private, but no one in mainstream music seems to give a damn about those in need. If you ask me, it’s time for that to change, and I knoow of one rapper who might just be able to make a real difference if given the chance.

Chris Cartier is a name known best by those who frequent conversations about who the next great hope for rap may be, but he’s quickly becoming known outside of those random corners of the internet thanks to a string of great projects released over the last year. His latest, “Minimum Wage,” is an incredibly direct and unabashed exploration of what it’s like to live in poverty today. Cartier is telling his truth, and in every line he spits you can sense the urgency in his voice. He isn’t asking for change, he’s demanding it, and we think you will be too after hearing this new single. You can experience the song, as well as its stunning visuals, below.

Look out for more from Cartier later this year when he releases his next project, Black Suburbia, sometime in September. Until then, comment below and let us know your thoughts on Cartier’s irresistible flow.

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