Required Listening: Shy Technology’s New EP, ‘Where We Go From Here’

Shy Technology 2

Illinois indie/alt-folk quintet Shy Technology recently premiered their brand new, five-track EP with the fine folks at The Wild Honey Pie. For the sake of brevity and a concern for what would become of my fingers otherwise, I’ll get to the point: Where We Go From Here is an absolute must-hear release–not just of 2015; period.

Bringing to mind, at various points, acts as varied and brilliant as Modest Mouse, Said The Whale, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers and Cursive, Shy Technology’s newest collection of tracks takes the influence of ’90s alternative rock and stirs it up into an alluring concoction with pop, indie and post-rock elements. Each of the EP’s five offerings provide the listener with something fresh, unique and often relatable lyrically. A lot of vocalist David Coulson’s personal experiences are directly at play here; some tragic, some heartwarming. They add a very human aura to it all, making it that much more comforting and easy to connect with. It’s beautiful through and through, overflowing with melody, instrumental flourishes and an often raw intensity that you’ll find yourself going through withdrawals for once the EP comes to an end. Luckily, you can just start it over from the beginning again as many times as you want or need to.

I urge you to optimize the potential of your 2015 experience by streaming Where We Go From Here below and show your support for the band by purchasing a copy on Bandcamp.

Brian Leak

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