Julia Nunes Mends Broken Hearts With “Something Bad”


Julia Nunes is the kind of musical sensation that can only exist in the new millennium. You may not be familiar with her music, but if that’s true it’s likely due more to the amount of time you’ve spent on YouTube than her marketing efforts. Nunes leveraged the world’s largest video platform to build an audience from the ground up, and along the way she won the hearts of many influential industry pros, including the ever-amazing Ben Folds. Her new album is just a little under a month away, and earlier this week Nunes shared a video for one of her new songs that we simply could not resist.

It’s funny how sometimes in life all we want is to feel. You can live every day never thinking about the wide variety of emotions rushing over you, but the moment you find yourself feeling numb for any reason you yearn for a change. It doesn’t matter if that feeling is good or bad. In fact, my experiences have taught me the only thing that will shake someone to life in those moments is something that makes their heart ache. To feel pain is to begin the healing process, and when we begin the healing process we know we are on our way to feeling like ourselves once more. Pain fades, but the emotional paralysis caused by something like a breakup can linger for a very long time, so the best option is to wish for the pain; wish for the worst of the worst to hit you as soon as possible so you can experience it, know it, and move on. That’s what Julia Nunes seems to be singing about on “Something Bad,” and if you relate to anything above then it’s a song you absolutely need to hear.

The video for “Something Bad” premiered online yesterday, August 19. The clip features footage of Nunes and her production team cutting what we can assume is her upcoming album. There are also numerous behind-the-scenes moments, including silly in-house performance montages and various shots of people updating their social networks. You can view the video below.

Nunes will release her new album, Some Feelings, on September 25. The album was funded through a $70,000 Kickstarter campaign. If you like what you hear in this post, head over to iTunes and pre-order a copy of the record for yourself.

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