Vin Diesel Confirms Starring Role In Third ‘xXx’ Film


Thirteen years after he first took on the role of Xander Cage in 2002’s xXx, Vin Diesel has revealed plans to return to the once thriving action franchise that helped make him a household name.

Anyone who follows Vin Diesel online knows the Fast And Furious star loves his fans. So much so, in fact, that Vin has often revealed major details regarding his future film projects on social networks before sharing any details with the press. This seems to be the case once more, as Diesel took to Instagram over the weekend to share some big news regarding one of his most iconic roles. Writing to fans alongside an old picture of himself, Diesel wrote:

While I was filming XXX, guys on set called me Air Diesel… The time to return has come. Filming starts December in the Philippines. #ILiveForThisShit

No official street date announcement has been made regarding the third xXx film, which is subtitled The Return Of Xander Cage, but if Vin says it’s happening we see no reason to believe he’s lying.

The original xXx was a major success, but the sequel suffered when Vin Diesel was replaced by Ice Cube. It was a move that happened in the immediate aftermath of Are We There Yet? becoming a gigantic success, but audiences were not receptive to seeing Cube take on international terrorists. If you look at the sequel’s trailer, which we’ve included below, it’s not hard to understand why people were not fans of the film.

If xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage does begin production in December then it’s likely the film will see release in the fall of 2016. We’ll bring you more information on the film as soon as additional details can be confirmed. Stay tuned.

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