WATERMEDOWN Releases New Song, “God I Found Hell”


WATERMEDOWN, the solo project of 21-year-old musician Johnny Mays, has released another track from his upcoming Equal Vision Records debut. Stream “God I Found Hell,” from the upcoming EP Somewhere Sleepless, below.

This is the second track from Somewhere Sleepless that we’ve heard in recent days; Mays released “Serenity” last week. On the new track, Mays states:

‘God I Found Hell’ is about having a really interesting time in Cincinnati, OH that, more-so than most experiences, heavily reinforced my comprehensive perception on college, drugs, and religion. I was on the road with Casey Bolles and half of Head North in mid-January of last year, and we hopped on a last minute nightmare of a house show around the UC campus. To paint a picture of the situation as best as I can without venturing into easily one of the longest stories I could ever tell, imagine the four of us backed into a corner inside Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, but instead of the Firefly family, we’re actually amongst coked-out, head-standing, My Chemical Romance-on-an-electric-ukulele-playing satan-worshipers that very much resembled the wretches from Gears of War as they leapt across the house when the police inevitably arrived, illuminating the trash-bag covered windows with strobe lights attached to their pistols; all immediately following Casey’s set being halted mid-song by a person with the urgent question that I will word-for-word never forget for the rest of my life: ‘Do you mind if I perform a satanic ritual underneath you while you play?’

Check out “God I Found Hell” below. Make sure to keep an eye on WATERMEDOWN, because this feels like the beginning of something big. Pre-order Somewhere Sleepless here.

watermedown somewhere sleepless

John Bazley

John Bazley was raised in central New Jersey by the romantic aura of the Asbury Park beachfront, punk rock, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. He is still trying to figure all of this stuff out.

In addition to UTG, John has contributed to Alternative Press and Full Frequency Media. Follow him on Twitter for pictures of his dog.
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