UTG INTERVIEW: Vile Display Of Humanity


Seattle-based thrash-punk band Vile Display Of Humanity released a whopping 20-track album earlier this year, a self-titled whirlwind of raw, crusty rippers sure to incite chaotic circle pits and shine a spotlight on the “ugliness in our society.”

We had a chance to speak with the band about their newest release, their motives as a band and what the future holds for Vile Display Of Humanity as they search for a permanent drummer with a desire to tour. Read through below to check out our succinct conversation and to stream Vile Display Of Humanity in full, via Bandcamp.

What is Vile Display Of Humanity all about? What’s your mission statement so to speak?

To expose all the horrible shit we see around us..basically

When did the band originally form and how did you all come together to do so?

We originally formed in Chicago, 2007, after Doug Mitchell, who we became friends with on tour from previous bands, decided to move out and start a new band.

How would you say you’ve all evolved from your last record to this new one? Any specific aspects of your music that you feel have changed or that you approached differently this time around?

Since we decided to record ourselves, we had the opportunity to play our songs at regular tempo, and focus on our melodies and transitions more, instead of rushing and trying to get all the recording done within the rented studio time…

I noticed that there are some songs on this new album that were on your last release as well. What’s the reasoning for that?

This album was kind of intended to be our best of, a summary of our past 7 years. Now we had the resource to do things right, we wanted better recordings of our favorite songs.

On this most recent, self-titled album, would you say there are any lyrical themes or ideas that are consistent throughout?

All of our work usually is one of two themes. First, the re-focus on issues that need more attention; the mannerisms of the general public have become far too jaded and detached…which causes a lot of ugliness in our society. Secondly, directing a collective anger towards modern governing and corporate America. We are not just talking about the giant list of world issues these power houses need to better act on, but also the further separation of the lower class to the upper class.


I saw on your Facebook page that you were recently in search of a drummer. Did you guys happen to find someone, and how is this going to affect your progress right now?

We are currently working with a potential new drummer at the moment, but if anyone is still interested feel free to drop a line. Since our main focus is to tour next spring, it hasn’t affected us too much. We are hoping to do a West Coast tour next year, and end with Punk Rock Bowling. But it would be awesome to play a show soon.

What are your thoughts on the current state of thrash punk? Do you feel that the genre is still alive and well and respected or do you feel that it’s dying off when compared to what it’s been in the past?

We think there will always be listeners, but times have changed for sure. When there wasn’t so many reasons to just stay home, angry poor kids really found a way to get out to shows and hang out. There is just a lot less of that nowadays.

How would you describe a VDOH show to someone who’s never been able to see you live?

Crazy and intense…the crowd usually goes ape shit.

Are any of you involved with other projects currently or is this band everyone’s main focus?

We are all songwriters, but since this will be our last full-time year with the band we decided to just focus on it.

As for the rest of the year, what does the band have lined up? Any goals you’re hoping to accomplish? Working on new material?

Mainly to get a new drummer, ready for tour, and release another EP.

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