Weezer Ask “Do You Wanna Get High?” On New Song

Weezer 2014

God bless Weezer.

You never know what Rivers Cuomo and his cohorts will deliver from one album to the next, but over the last month the world has slowly been getting a grip on what will almost certainly be the next phase of Weezer’s existence. Two songs have surfaced since the beginning of October, and they each mark a very big point of growth for the band that is rooted in the sound of their earliest works. “Thank God For Girls” came and went without us giving it much attention, but there is something about “Do You Wanna Get High?” we simply cannot deny.

Released earlier this week, “Do You Wanna Get High?” is a callback to the Pinkerton era with slow groove indie rock and lyrics you immediately want to commit to memory. Cuomo is in perfect control of the track from beginning to end, and his signature croon serves as the song’s guiding light. It’s big, it’s loud, and it’s everything Weezer fans have been hoping the band would create. You can stream the song below.

Weezer are currently living life without a record contract, but according to several sources the band are still hard at work on their tenth studio album. We assume more singles will make their way to the public in the weeks ahead, but right now we do not have a timeline to follow. Stay tuned.

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