UTG PREMIERE: Isaiah Dominguez – “Run” (Lyric Video)

Isaiah Dominguez

Today, we’re elated to bring you the world premiere of Isaiah Dominguez‘s newest single, “Run,” a punchy pop-rock jam that is sure to conjure quick comparisons to Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, and other established alternative acts. The track is taken from his impending EP, The Evergreen State, which is set to arrive this coming February. Give it a spin after the break, and let us know if you’re a fan in the comments section below.

“Thematically, ‘Run’ is a look back at growing up in the suburbs of Olympia, Washington,” the budding singer-songwriter told UTG via email. “I believe everyone has a story to tell, whether it was late nights playing flashlight tag at the elementary school down the road, making the mistakes that shape us, or watching the sunrise on a rooftop.”

Keep in touch with Isaiah here, and be on the lookout for pre-orders in the coming weeks.

Kyle Florence

Kyle Florence is a proud Wisconsinite, a dinosaur enthusiast, and a lover of all things weird and whacky.
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