Bitter’s Kiss shares evocative video for “Love Won’t Make You Cry”

bitter's kiss video

Bringing to mind Richard Linklater’s beautifully resonant Before trilogy, the newest music video from Bitter’s Kiss—the solo project of young singer-songwriter Chloe Baker—is a visually elegant, emotive piece that perfectly accentuates its musical counterpart.

Shot in black and white on location in Paris and Ireland, the clip stars Eoghan Moloney and Nicole “Ballsy Wallsy” Douglas as the two spend a night together in the city following a chance encounter. You can check out the video below. Let us know your interpretation in the comments.

“Love Won’t Make You Cry” is featured on Bitter’s Kiss’ debut, self-titled EP which is available to stream through SoundCloud. In regards to the lyrical themes on the EP, Baker explained to us in our interview earlier this year, “I want to sing about parts of life that we all have to deal with, some of which are not that pleasant, but I want to convey that there is still something valuable in those experiences. When I struggle to understand something or how something could be true or have happened, I find that writing about it and exploring it in lyrics and music is very powerful.”

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