UTG PREMIERE: The Royal Twenties – ‘Virgin’ EP

The Royal Twenties

Don’t let their sparse back catalogue fool you–The Royal Twenties are the real deal. Since joining forces in the spring of 2014, the Massachusetts quartet have repeatedly turned heads with their near-effortless blend of nuance, passion, and detail, bringing to mind the quintessential works of mewithoutYou, La Dispute, and other innovative rockers. It’s the type of music that is undeniably intuitive, but not in the least bit overbearing, and being completely honest, we’re all about it.

Today, we have the esteemed privilege of bringing you the outfit’s new EP, Virgin, a diverse collection of tracks that are fluid and forward-thinking in equal measure. Give it a spin by following the jump below, and let us know what you think in the replies.

In regards to the meaning and making of the band’s latest offering, vocalist Corey Maynard shared:

“‘Virgin’ is the result of a year of us working collaboratively as a full band for the first time. The album mostly speaks of things such as instant gratification, mental health, and the intensity of interpersonal relationships within the most recent years of our lives. Those are all serious topics that a lot of people deal with every day and can relate to. Naturally, those issues have played major roles in each of our lives and have affected us significantly, whether for better or worse. Musically, the songs are different from one another in mood, tempo, and structure. We hope that each song can instill a difference in feeling than the previous one.”

If you’re a fan of Virgin, be sure to snag a physical pre-order starting tomorrow, December 18, through Honest Face Records.

Kyle Florence

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