UTG PHOTOS: Health in New York City (11/21/15)


Under The Gun Review sent photographer MJ Rawls to The Music Hall In Williamsburg in NYC to shoot Health on their ‘Death Magic’ tour.

“Whoa, what the hell did I just watch?” There aren’t a lot of shows that grab you by the collar and never let go. The thing is, early on in the night at The Music Hall In Williamsburg, there was a calm like the last gasp of a person who gets away from a killer in a horror movie. Everything seemed like it was going to be a typical night, but a Health show is far from typical. Let me just state that this show was one of the best I’ve been to all year. There were no high-end state setups, no ramps or even those fancy pyro machines. The minimalism actually enhanced the show as the band tore through tracks from their heavy album of the year contender, Death Magic—their first album in six years. “Stonefist” was already one of my favorite tracks of the year, but to hear it pulsate throughout the concert hall was another thing. “Tears,” the band’s notable song from 2012’s Max Payne 3 got a huge response as one of the band’s best songs in their catalog.

I wish I could find a more fancy word to use for the night than “powerful,” but the show truly was. Health, who were an acting three-piece on this night, gave the sold-out venue its money’s worth. The whole show was every bit abrupt, melodic and furious in every sense of the words. In the front row where I was standing, it seemed like everyone was in a trance, either dancing or fixated on the avalanche of red and purple lights that seemed to flash with every hit of the snare drum. The 16-song set was enough to result in all fans being drenched in sweat, almost as a offering to the band for playing their hearts out.

You could go away for a long period of time, but as long as the music is quality, your fan base will be around when you return. Not only did fans rejoice on Health’s return to New York, this is probably the start of a bigger trajectory for Health’s electro/industrial-flavored rock for more years to come.


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