Polyenso Will Release ‘Pure In The Plastic’ This Spring


It has been a long time coming, but surely something as ambitious as Polyenso has set out to do takes time. Polyenso has announced the official release of their upcoming, self-released record, Pure In The Plastic.

Produced by Jason Pennock, the album was recorded in the band’s hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. When speaking on the record, member Alex Schultz notes that “everyone has a light and a darkness inside them. For us it comes out in our music. Dichotomy is a huge theme in this record. Head and heart, gluttony and apathy, and love and hate are some of the obvious ones.”

Three years after the release of the surprise hit One Big Particular Loop, fans will have the joy of diving into a record that is described as having elements of hip-hop, neo-soul, and experimental electronics.

Not too much longer friends! In the meantime, enjoy the previously released live version of “17 New Years” and check out Pure In The Plastic‘s track list below.

Pure In The Plastic
17 New Years
Where To Grow (Where To Be Born)
Not My Real Life
/// (A Pool Worth Diving In)
Every Single Time
Let It Go
Osaka Son
Moona Festival

Drew Caruso

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